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I was on another blog( when I came across an article ‘I Got 99 Problems But Greed Ain’t One’ by Michael Skolnik. The article layed out in a nutshell the problems that concerns most college graduates, high school students that have to work, the unemployed, and many of the working poor. It tells you what the Occupy Wall Street Movement and others like it across the country is about. So, I decided the post at least part of the article here on my blog. I will leave a link at the bottom so you can go to http://globalgrind.comto read the article in its entirety. I sincerely believe the first presidential candidate, including President Obama, who sides with and proposes the sweeping legislation called for by this movement will win the election. These are the same people who propelled President Obama into office so, I hope he reads this and take action. So, without further ado, here is a large excerpt of the article. “This is a simple message. Loud and clear. Heard in every barbershop, student  union, basketball court and after-school hangout. Not a message that is wrapped  nicely with the perfect bow. 

We were never too good at gift wrapping, cause we were too busy rockin’ to  the beat of Kurtis Blow‘s “Christmas Rappin’.” Not a message for soundbites or  talking heads. Not a message for politicians to send around in emails to raise  money for their campaigns.

This is a message understood by the recent college graduate that can’t find a  job. A message understood by the high school student who works late after school  because her mom and dad were layed off when the factory closed in town.

A message understood by the young woman who works three jobs just to put 2  1/2 meals on the table for her children. A message undertstood by the 25 year  old who can’t keep up with his student loan payments. 

A message undertstood by the first time home owner who had to file for  bankruptcy because of a faulty mortgage. The message is loud. It is clear.  

The future for our generation has been severely compromised due to the undue  influence of corporations on policy created by our government, and we’ve had  enough!

In no way do I represent the protesters who “occupy” Wall Street … or who  occupy the financial districts of Boston, Washington, Seattle, Los Angeles or  any of the protests in the 150+ cities around the country. 

This is a new form of organizing. New tools. New people. New mission. No  leaders.

A people’s movement with a message that is loud and clear. We don’t have  campaign slogans or white papers, we make trending topics and status updates.  And once we trend, we put boots on the ground.

You are skeptical of us and we know that. You were skeptical of us when we  started to spit the truths of our realities and waxed them poetically on  vinyl.

You were skeptical of us when we knew we could elect the first black man to  be President of the United States. You were skeptical of us when we built a  social network that you now use more than us.

You were skeptical of us when we believed that all people should be able to  get married and be happy. We accept your skepticism, but we also invite you to  join us.

Join us, as we know you are part of the 99 percent too. Although we  understand that many of the 1 percent who have been profiteering have not  “broken” the rules, the rules still have allowed for the rich to get richer and  the poor to get poorer and they need to change.

The power must be transferred out of the hands of the corporations and back  into the hands of the people. Many Republicans and some Democrats think they are  “made” men, we see right through you, and know that you are paid men.

The message is loud and the message is clear. The demands are obvious.

Don’t be fooled by some lazy media outlet or “get-out-the-vote” politician to  have to provide a punch list of “what we want.” This is not about checking off  boxes or scratching out to-do lists. Remember, this is new. This is fresh.  

This is about pushing forward a more compassionate, perfected union that will  loosen the grip of lobbyists, special interests and big corporations on our  government.

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