These Books Will Make You Rich –

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Here are some books I need to get. Since they have been suggested by Forbes, I suggest you get them too. Here is an excerpt from the article:

With the economy still sluggish and unemployment rates pushing 10%, many Americans are searching for ways to stretch their dollars this holiday season. So why not give a simple present that could pay for itself many times over?

Whether you’re looking for great gifts for the active investor in your life or simply searching for a guide to help a recent college graduate navigate the world of mutual funds, there are libraries full of books that will stuff a stocking with advice worth its weight in gold.

Sometimes, though, the tidal wave of financial advice books on the market is overwhelming. How can you separate the good, the bad and the just plain ugly? That’s where we come in. We’ve gone through the top books on investing to develop a list of good reads for investors of all types. Whether you’re a value investor looking to refine your tactics, a buy-and-hold Boglehead looking to beef up on the basics or a parent looking to start your kid down the right path, there’s something on our list for you.

Fifteen Books That Will Make You Rich

Ten of the books on our list are classics that deserve a spot on the bookshelf of any financial whiz. Any investor would be well-served to read up on these tomes; the basic tenets of modern investing strategy and tactics are developed and discussed in their pages.

For novice investors, two introductory books on our list offer distinctly opposing viewpoints. Joel Greenblatt‘s The Little Book That still Beats The Market tells investors to focus on earnings to outperform the market. John Bogle, on the other hand, dismisses the notion that investors can outperform the market and argues in Common Sense On Mutual Funds that indexing is the only smart way to invest. Investors beginning with a blank slate will enjoy letting the books do battle.

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These Books Will Make You Rich –

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