Ok ladies and gentlemen, the time to vote has come once again. Make sure you get out to vote. Vote for the person and/or party that you think well do the best for you and your situation. I’ve been a registered voter for over 20 years now. I always vote in every election whether it’s a general election or primary. My parents were regular voters and, they raised me and my siblings to be also. I am a African American man and as a African-American, I believe it is particularly important for African-Americans to get out to vote as often as there is an election to vote in. There was a time, not all that long ago, when we weren’t allowed to vote or plain caught hell trying to vote. The African-Americans that came before us went through a lot to be able to vote freely and without fear of reprisals from angry white supremacists. Now we can vote freely and without fear and we don’t do it for one stupid reason or another. I vote because of the high price paid for it by not only African-Americans but all good Americans. To all minorities in America, how in the hell can we hope to come up in general equality if we don’t take part in the political process. Stop coming up with excuses and in general being lazy, and TAKE PART IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS AND GET YOUR ASS OUT AND VOTE ! It’s more important than you know.



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