Here’s A Bigfoot Story For You |

Bigfoot in the Woods


By , Guide

This story was documented by my sister, who had this experience sometime around 1993 or so. Here is what she had to say about her paranormal experience: My Bigfoot experience happened when I was about 12 years old. I was at a church youth group retreat in Geneva Hills, a large campground in Southeast Ohio. As dusk approached the group decided to play Kick the Can.

Geneva Hills comprises miles and miles of thick woods, rolling hills, steams and creeks; typical Southeast Ohio. So we were playing kick the can and I decided to hide just inside the edge of the woods behind a large tree. By this time, it had gotten darker and my eyes were beginning to adjust to the decrease in light.

Facing the woods, there was a small creek directly in front of me with a rather steep bank. The bank was probably about 15-20 feet high on each side. I was crouching behind the tree, still facing the woods, waiting to make my move on the can when I suddenly heard something nearby. I looked to the right toward the sound and saw two large figures about 30 yards away. I remember I kept blinking and straining my eyes to see the figures, wondering if what I was seeing was real.

I watched these figures make their way down the opposite side of the creek bank toward the water. I could smell a musty, animal scent, and watched as the creatures drank the water using their hands like a cup. They were fairly quiet. They moved easily through the woods and they didn’t make any vocal noises that I could hear. I was incredibly frightened and was afraid to move or make a sound.

I remember thinking that they had to sense my presence; they were so close that there’s no way they couldn’t have! They had to be at least 6 feet tall with dark-colored (brownish-black I’d say), thick coat of fur. I don’t remember how long they were at the waters edge drinking, but it was likely only a few minutes. They then made their way back up the bank, into the woods.

As soon as I felt they were far enough away that they wouldn’t hear me, I bolted out of the woods toward the cabin. My sister found me and immediately knew something had happened. She said I looked pale and scared, and I remember telling her a little bit about what I saw. I made her promise not to tell anyone else in our church group about it because I was afraid they wouldn’t believe me.

It’s even hard for me to talk about it now because I still feel like people will think I’m crazy or will say I was just seeing things. It was the most frightened I had ever felt up to that point in my life. It’s always difficult to recount frightening memories like this; it’s almost painful. But I know what I saw, and I am certain that it was Bigfoot.

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