6 Things Grown Men Should Know When Dating by LJ Knight on Wednesday August 18th 2010 from BitchieLife Necole Bitchie.com

6 Things Grown Men Should Know When Dating

by LJ Knight on Wednesday August 18th 2010

They always say that men mature at a slower pace than women. I tend to think that this may be true and that it unfortunately crosses over into the dating realm and how men behave while they are on a date with a woman. Whether it’s conversation, attire or attitude, some men just can’t quite get it right. So we decided to compile a small list of dating tips that every man should have mastered by adulthood. Ladies, feel free to add on…

1. Conversation

Every man should know how to have a conversation while on a date. There is nothing more annoying to a woman than being on a date with a man and listening to him talk about himself for 2-4 hours.  Patiently waiting for him to ask about you and it never happens. It is a turn off because it gives her the impression that you not only do not care about learning more about her, you also have no real interest in her as a person.  It could make her question why the hell she is even out with you?

2. Know How To Plan A Date

Being able to plan a date from start to finish is a sign of maturity and thoughtfulness in a man. When I was in the dating world it would annoy me to be out with a guy and he would have no idea as to where we were going for the night or what we were doing. I would be thinking to myself “didn’t you ask ME out?” If you did ask her out then you should at least make an attempt at planning the activities for the night. If you are afraid that you might plan something that she does not enjoy then a good tip would be to find out. Ask her what she enjoys doing for fun, places she like to visit etc.. This goes back to being able to hold a conversation and not talking about yourself the entire time. Practice those listening skills fellas.  Sadly there are some men who have no idea as to how to even make reservations for dinner.  Tisk, tisk, tisk. Another key to planning a date is to know how much you are willing to spend. What is within your comfort zone?  SideNote:  Every date should not consist of sitting in your apartment watching DVD’s. Try harder.

3. Dress For The Occasion

Being able to change your attire per the engagement is also an important element to dating. It can also be a complete turn off to see that your guy is the only man at a high class restaurant with lime green  Air Force One sneakers on his feet.  A man that can adjust to his environment, internally and physically, when necessary is yummy.

4. Explore Different Dating Arenas

Only going to the movies and out to eat on every date is so 1997. Show her your diversity. Show her something that she has not seen before at least once or twice while dating her. This is what makes you stand out among the crowd of other men who might be attempting to court her. This is what helps to make her see you as “special” or “different”. It can also help her to consider you to be a “thinker”.

5. Differentiate The Type Of Woman You Are Dealing With

Not every woman is going to go for the same old game or approach that you have been running since you were 17. She might not like you referring to her as “baby girl” or “boo”. She might want you to refer to her by her name only in the beginning. I can recall being annoyed with guys who did that because I KNEW it was game. I knew he wasn’t calling be “baby” with any sincerity because he barely knew me so obviously that is a term that he referred to all the women he was dating as.  However, this reference might have made other chicks giggle and think that they were “special”. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Be yourself however know that every woman is unique and not everyone is going to go for the same jokes, same game, same lines. There is going to be one that finds your “routine” stale. If you don’t then you will eventually find that one that will look at you like you are a Tommy Hilfiger Jean suit.  In other words, she will think you are played out.

6. Pay Attention

Pay attention to her body language and queues. This will guide you in knowing your limits with affection with her, if she is comfortable with you, if she is enjoying herself. Pay attention to her. Women love to know that a man is giving them their undivided attention. It lets us know that you are genuinely interested in us.

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